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Think about the best dinner party you’ve ever attended — the one where the drinks and conversation flowed liberally, the food was memorably delicious and the conversation sparkled. Events like these are magical, in part because they are so difficult to execute. Not everyone has a roster of knowledgeable, witty and urbane friends ready to fill a table at a moment’s call.

You don’t have to throw (or even attend) a party every week to experience a great, ongoing conversation about all things gourmet, however. As a reader of Convivial, we’ll take care of that for you. We’ll be your preferred resource for great culinary ideas and recipes, interviews with celebrated chefs and captivating writing about food, drink, the arts and travel. We’ll serve as a field guide to the most exciting places on the culinary map. When something fresh and exciting is happening, you’ll be the first to read about it.

Above all, Convivial is a blog for enthusiasts. We’re endlessly fascinated by new tastes, fresh experiences and the intersection of food and culture — and we want to start a conversation with others of like mind. Over the coming months and years, this conversation will be joined by some of our favorite culinary world figures — the chefs, writers, retailers, restaurateurs, artists and visionaries who delight and inspire us every day.

We believe great food and wonderful gourmet experiences have a profound capacity to move people, and to unite them in the power of shared experience.

We hope Convivial serves as your guide to all that’s worth seeing in the gourmet world.

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