The Magic of Chelsea Gift Baskets

The idea behind Chelsea Market Baskets is a simple one: Take a basket, fill it with amazing products and sell it to eager buyers.

Yet there’s a real art to curating the perfect gift basket — and it begins with sourcing the right products.

“We put the best things together from around the block and around the world,” said David Porat, who founded Chelsea Market Baskets in 1993. The business, which operates a retail shop in Manhattan and an upscale mail order/online catalogue, is one of New York’s most popular purveyors of gourmet food and inspired gifts,

Chelsea Market Baskets is a passion project for Porat, who has always had an eye for identifying delicious artisanal foods and gifts with unusual charm.

“I’ve always liked specialty foods, and the idea of specialty foods, before it became trendy or fashionable,” he said.

Porat’s baskets feature an artfully-curated array of the most exceptional products from the world’s finest producers — all designed to delight even the most jaded gift recipient.

A perfect pair

At Forever Gourmet, we’ve long been fans of David Porat and Chelsea Market Baskets, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with them to feature some of our most delicious specialty products. Sourcing the world’s most compelling gourmet items, and sharing these taste experiences with a wider audience, are guiding principles for both companies.

“I’m impressed with Forever Gourmet’s passion, and their products,” Porat said.

And we’re equally impressed with David’s unmatched talent for identifying specialty items and his beautifully-constructed gift baskets. Forever Gourmet encourages you to visit the Chelsea Market Baskets website today for a first-hand look at these magical gift basket collections.

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